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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Students Engage in Discussion on Sustainability, Responsible Waste Management with University and Public Officials

On Thursday, November 3 2016, Sustainability Education hosted their 7th Annual Sustainability Film Series, with this year’s feature film being “Trashed” by Candida Brady. Before the screening, Sean Connaughty, a professor of art at the University of Minnesota, accompanied by a student representative of the Weisman Art Museum presented their research on trash development around campus. Through collecting and tracing the origin of garbage from the east and west banks of the Mississippi river on campus, Sean and his group of students were able to find the largest sources of garbage in our area and addressed it through an art project that is still available for viewing outside the Weisman.

Additionally, Kelly Kish, the city of Minneapolis’ Recycling Coordinator discussed the city’s new zero waste plan and how students can actively help in reducing their carbon footprint through mindful consumption, reusing plastic, and composting organic food waste.

The film itself was about global effects of careless disposal of waste and how everyone can be a part of reversing the damage we have done to our planet. After the film, a Q&A session was held with Chris Goodwin from from Eureka Recycling; Frank Hornstein, a Minnesota State Representative and sponsor of zero waste legislation; and Erin Stevenson, U of M Recycling Coordinator at the Waste Management Program. The panelists answered questions about local actions to help clean up our environment, and took suggestions from students and audience members about how to make recycling and composting more accessible.

Co-sponsored by the Human Rights Program Student Advisory Board, the Sustainability Film Series is an event designed to educate students and faculty about environmental issues that affect everyone and about how to protect resources in nature for generations to come.

-Written by Selma Demirovich