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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Students Engage in Discussion on Sustainability, Responsible Waste Management with University and Public Officials

On Thursday, November 3 2016, Sustainability Education hosted their 7th Annual Sustainability Film Series, with this year’s feature film being “Trashed” by Candida Brady. Before the screening, Sean Connaughty, a professor of art at the University of Minnesota, accompanied by a student representative of the Weisman Art Museum presented their research on trash development around campus. Through collecting and tracing the origin of garbage from the east and west banks of the Mississippi river on campus, Sean and his group of students were able to find the largest sources of garbage in our area and addressed it through an art project that is still available for viewing outside the Weisman.

UMN Interns spark policy direction for Children of Incarcerated Caregivers

The Human Rights Program partners with a new non-profit, Children of Incarcerated Caregivers (CIC) to provide unique research focused internship opportunities to advanced undergraduate and graduate students. CIC is a Minneapolis-based non-profit devoted to local, national, and international issues as they pertain to the wellbeing of children whose parents become incarcerated. On top of this important issue CIC is devoted to giving students a unique opportunity to do in-depth research, network, and advocate for real policy change.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Scribe for Human Rights Fellow Works to Support Local Latinx Immigrants

Roy Guzman, a graduate student pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at the University of Minnesota, received the Scribe for Human Rights Fellowship this past summer. Working with Centro Campesino, a Southern Minnesota based nonprofit seeking to provide care and resources along with adequate housing for migrant farm workers, Roy examined the struggles of the working class in America and how Latinx immigrants are particularly affected.