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Monday, May 12, 2014

Student-led art exhibition brings scholars, artists, activists and students together in conversation on art and politics

unnamed-4.jpgOn April 23rd, a public forum took place to celebrate the opening of the art exhibition The Enduring of Labor. Student curator Anna Meteyer organized the exhibition under the supervision of Howard Oransky, Director of the Nash Gallery, in hopes to spark conversation concerning topics of labor and social justice. The exhibition, open April 22nd - May 3rd, spoke to injustices rampant in labor industries and services, and celebrated the struggle against systemic forces of oppression. The artists that were included drew upon their own personal experiences, worked with marginalized communities, and/or incorporated their academic research in their artistic practice and advocacy. The forum, also organized by Anna Meteyer, was intended to provide a space for individuals from across the community to gather in conversation surrounding the issues raised in the exhibition, and about the use of art as a vessel for social change.

Participants in the forum included activists, scholars, labor union members, students, and artists, all of whom engaged in dynamic dialogue on the intersection of art and activism, the incredible social power of political art, and the complexities of representation in artistic activism. Following the discussion, participants enjoyed hors d'oeuvres, continued to converse, and had the opportunity to speak with the artists while walking through the exhibition. A vibrant exchange of ideas regarding issues of injustice in labor took place as attendees reflected on the art displayed in the gallery.