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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Human Rights Program Welcomes Faculty and Students from Colombia

partnership colombia.jpgThe Human Rights Program is thrilled to announce the arrival of visiting faculty and students from Colombia at the University of Minnesota this fall. The visitors come from several Universities in the Antioquia region of Colombia in order to gain a broader understanding of human rights education, clinical practice and advocacy in the U.S.

On Monday, September 9th, the Human Rights Program and the Human Rights Center welcome six professors, one professional and two students from Colombia through the U of M - Antioquia Human Rights Partnership. Visiting partners have backgrounds in law, public policy and political science and work on behalf of vulnerable women and children, workers, LGBT individuals displaced individuals and victims of armed conflict, and communities affected by environmental degradation in their home country. The partnership aims to promote and protect human rights in Colombia by enhancing human rights legal education.
On Tuesday, September 10th, the deans of the U's College of Liberal Arts and Law School, together with the co-directors of the Partnership, Professors Barbara Frey and David Weissbrodt, will welcome visiting faculty, staff and students in Mondale Hall's Auerbach Commons (229 19th Ave. S., Minneapolis). Following the welcome reception, each visitor will spend between 1 and 6 weeks engaging with U of M faculty and clinical teams and local human rights advocates to gain a broader understanding of human rights education, clinical practice, and advocacy in the U.S.
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