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Friday, May 18, 2012

The State of Iberoamerican Studies Series: Human Rights Across the Disciplines

iberoamer.jpgProviding a forum for interdiscursive theoretical discussions and dialogue, The State of Iberoamerican Studies Series: Human Rights Across the Disciplines, founded in 1995 at the University of Minnesota Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies, supports a number of critical symposia that bring together not only the monologues of traditional scholarly disciplines, but also the powerful, struggling and often unarticulated voices, postures and assumptions of contemporary non-canonical cultural discourses.

The University of Minnesota, The College of St. Benedict /St. John's University, and Teatro del Pueblo, organizers of this annual conference and theater festival are proud to announce the artistic achievements of three of its most recent guests: Carlos Satizábal (Colombia), Patricia Ariza (Colombia), Samir Yazbek (Brasil); and the granting of an International Theater Research Award to Luis A. Ramos-Garcia, founder of the series.
*Carlos Satizábal wins the 2012 Colombian National Poetry Award
The State of Iberoamerican Studies Series group celebrates and congratulates the playwright artist, actor, professor and writer Carlos Satizábal for winning the National Unpublished Poetry Award 2012 in Colombia, thanks to his work "La llama inclinada" exhibited at the international book fair of Bogota. Carlos was in Minnesota in 2010, 2011, and 2012.
*Patricia Ariza Prince Claus (The Netherlands) Award and the Colombian Congress Medal
The International Prince Claus Award honors individuals and organizations reflecting a progressive and contemporary approach to the themes of culture and development. Patricia Ariza received this award as well as the Colombian Congress Medal for her commitment to Universal Human Rights, Peace, and artistic creativeness. Patricia was invited to Minnesota in 2009, and 2011.
*Samir Yazbek (Sao Paulo, Brasil). The Associação Paulista dos Críticos de Arte (APCA) Award 2010 for Best Brazilian writer
One of Brazil's most prominent writers, Yazbek trained under the tutelage of Antunes Filho. His plays have been performed across the world and received translation into English, French & Spanish. Samir's plays include: O Fingidor/The Pretender (Shell Award/1999, best writer); Terra Prometida/Promised Land (among the 10 best plays of 2002, according to the newspaper O Globo); As Folhas do Cedro/Cedar-Tree Leaves (APCA Award 2010 for best writer). Samir will visit Minnesota this coming Fall 2012.
*Luis A. Ramos-Garcia (Lima, Perú). XII Festival Internacional de Teatro de Grupo and Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Lima-Perú) Award 2011
On September 24, 2011, the XII Festival Internacional de Teatro de Grupo (Brasil, Argentina, España, Perú, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, United States, and México); the I Simposio Iberoamericano de Teatro de Grupo; the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Lima-Perú); and the Asociación para la Investigación Actoral Cuatrotablas; presented an International Theater Award and recognition to Luis A. Ramos-García (University of Minnesota) "for his transcendental contribution to Peruvian Theater."
The series was sponsored by an Imagine Fund Special Events grant; the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies; Human Rights Program; President's Faculty Multicultural Research Award; Global Spotlight; Global Studies; Teatro del Pueblo; and College of St. Benedict / St. John's University.