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Monday, June 27, 2011

CPI demands unimpeded humanitarian access to displaced women and children

As violence continues in South Kordofan, as well as in other regions of Sudan's north
and south, Child Protection International calls for freedom of humanitarian movement
and the special protection of children. The violence has displaced thousands and killed
hundreds. It is increasingly difficult to even access the severity of the situation because
certain villages and regions have been cut off from UN monitors and humanitarian aid
completely. Entire communities are being wiped out along ethnic and political lines,
without anyone to witness these atrocities and aid in stopping them. This is a blatant
violation of human rights and amounts to crimes against humanity. It is in crises like
these that humanitarian aid is desperately needed and children are incredibly vulnerable
to violence, abuse and malnutrition.

The violence must stop and there must be complete freedom of movement and
unhindered humanitarian access for all those who want to reach those affected. Without
humanitarian aid, displaced persons, especially children, will not have enough food,
water or physical protection in this conflict ridden region. Child Protection International
echo's UNICEF representative Nils Kastberg's statement that "this is the moment for
President Omar al-Bashir and Vice-President Salva Kiir to send a clear and unequivocal
message - one that reaches all the way down to each and every soldier in the field -- thatthe denial of humanitarian access constitutes a grave violation of human rights."

Children must be protected and cared for by their families, communities and government.
They deserve to live in peace, not in constant fear of violence and chaos. It is time the
Sudanese leaders honor their promises and cease violence; allow humanitarian aid to
move feely and protect the most vulnerable of society, the children.